Seaton Valley Community Forum

The Seaton Valley Community Forum is part of the partnership structure of the new unitary Northumberland County Council.  There are 57 forums in the County, based around local communities and the intention is that they provide the opportunity for residents, community groups and businesses to work more effectively together to improve the environment and services in their local area.  The forums have no budget apart from a very small one to provide for administration, although they may be able to apply for some external funding. 

The Seaton Valley Forum has three representatives on the South East Area Partnership, which brings together all the Forums in South East Northumberland and that body has one representative on the Northumberland Strategic Partnership.  Therefore, whilst this is a very different sort of organisation from the previous Seaton Valley Community Assembly, it does provide the local area with an opportunity to influence all the service providers in Seaton Valley and to work with others to create a stronger voice for the community in the County.

The forum is currently hosted by Seaton Valley Council who administer the forum, arranging meetings and events.  The Chair of the forum is currently Susan Dungworth. Meetings are held at regular intervals (usually every 3/4 months) throughout the year across the five villages of Seaton Valley. 

For further information or to join the forum please contact Carol Hodgson on or (0191) 252 1021.