Seaton Valley Fair Share 

In 2003 Seaton Valley was successful in gaining over £818,000 of lottery money to be spent, over 10 years, on supporting community activity and involvement in the local area. This lottery money is known as the ‘Fair Share’ fund.

This money was administered by a local grant making charity, the Community Foundation serving Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.  As part of administering this funding the foundation put in place a panel of local individuals and organisations to advise on how this money could be best used. 

A priorities document was prepared outlining the main themes of activity to be undertaken throughout the lifetime of the project, this document was updated regularly.

Within Seaton Valley the majority of funds (90%) was spent on a range of ‘capacity building’ activities to enable the local community to more fully engage with local organisations, statutory and VCS, involved in supporting the local population within Seaton Valley.

It also equiped the local community with the necessary skills to identify current and emerging issues and assist them with the skills to identify solutions to those issues and the capacity to manage those initiatives at a local level.

The final 10% of the Fair Share fund was used to promote and provide a range of Health Related activities within Seaton Valley.

Panel Members

The Panel played a key part in targeting the programme in the Fair Share Trust Neighbourhood.  The Panel was not a constituted body and its role was advisory only specifically to:

  • Provide local knowledge on the relevance of proposed projects for the Fair Share Neighbourhood and the community
  • determine the local priorities for the Fair Share Trust programme
  • to recommend approval or rejection of all applications made to the Fair Share Trust programme in their area and to ensure they pursue the strategic vision set out in the priorities document
  • to endorse non-material amendments to the priorities document during the programme

The panel did not have the powers to approve grants, award money or change payment details or levels.  These powers rest with the local agent

Capacity Building Officers

Gina Robson, Capacity Building Officer covering the Seaton Valley area.  Funded through Fair Share and employed by CVA Blyth Valley they provide support and information to local groups in Seaton Valley.  This support includes funding information, training needs for groups, support for established groups or to start up new ones.  Gina is based in CVA Blyth Valley offices. Through the Fair Share programme Seaton Valley groups have been successful in gaining over £600,000 from charitable trusts and other sources  from September 2005 to December 2013. 

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